Company: Alpha Tech Pet, Inc.
Founded in 1989 by our veterinarian owner, Dr. Shawn E. Seitz, Alpha Tech Pet, Inc. has grown to become the most well-known provider of sanitation supplies to the animal care industry in the United States. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Seitz is continually developing and on the lookout for environmentally friendly solutions to enhance animal care facility sanitation awareness and effectiveness. Safety, quality, efficacy, and education remain at the forefront of all our product considerations, and of all we do. When it comes to customer service we are unmatched! We sell business-to-business in the ethical (veterinary market), business-to-business in the OTC (non-veterinary) animal care facility marketplace, and we also have a line of premium quality consumer items. We know what we're doing, we've been doing it a long time, and we do it very well!