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ATP Sanitation Meter - Hygiena SystemSURE Plus
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    ATP MeterAdenosine Triphosphate (ATP) monitoring for surface sanitation assessment. SystemSURE Plus is designed with state-of-the-art electronics and robust functionality. This palm-sized luminometer is easy to use, offers long lasting durability, and is extremely sensitive with unmatched accuracy. The efficacy of cleaning procedures and the hygenic status of surfaces can be quickly verified using the SystemSURE Plus ATP System. Results can be recorded and managed with the included SureTrend...

    Ultrasnap ATP Test Swabs
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      Hygiena Ultrasnap ATP test swabs are self-contained testing devices used with the SystemSURE Plus ATP meter. They contain a unique liquid-stable reagent, providing more accuracy, longer-lasting signal strength, and better reproducible results than other devices. 100 test swab devices per box. Store between 36° F and 46° F. Samples once taken are good for 4 hours, but once the swab reagents are activated in the device an ATP test needs to be performed within 60 seconds (using the Hygiena...