KennelSol APS POD Activation & Use Instructions

These instructions apply to both SHOCK POD and MAINTENANCE POD. The PODS are pre-loaded and ready-to-use. Follow the instructions below to activate the product with its attached black key (Figure 1).

  1. Hold POD and put black key into slot, push and twist counter-clockwise until it stops (Figure 2).
  2. Place POD on a flat surface with the holes facing up. Using the heels of your hands, SHARPLY push the lid straight down until it is flush with the base (you will hear a “snap” sound as the internal seals are severed (Figure 3).
  3. To be sure of proper activation, make sure the lid is flush with the base. See the left image of (Figure 4). The left image is correct, the right is not.
  4. Next, invert the POD and hold it in one hand (with holes pointing down). Tap it firmly on a flat surface, to force all the media into the lid for mixing.
  5. Shake the POD from side-to-side for 3-4 seconds to mix the media and activate ClO2 release.
  6. Place POD, holes up (or hang), in the desired location. A loop is provided to allow the POD to be hung if more convenient (Figure 5).
  7. Allow the POD to remain in place until the media is fully spent, then throw the POD into the trash for disposal. SHOCK PODS release their ClO2 within 24 hours; MAINTENANCE PODS release their ClO2 over a 30 day period.

Each POD treats 15,000 cubic feet of space. Use one SHOCK POD and one MAINTENANCE POD every month together for maximum effectiveness. Replace both PODS every 30 days.


DO NOT EAT, NEVER INHALE FUMES. Inhalation of product vapors may cause respiratory irritation. In case of skin or eye contact, flush well with water for 15 minutes. Avoid ignition sources, sunlight and heat. Store in a cool (< 750°F) dry location. See MSDS and product label for more information.

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