Choose a Hog Heaven or Comfort Flow Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat

Use Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Mats, or Comfort Flow Anti-Fatigue Mats (where drainage may be needed) to improve worker comfort and productivity.

Anti fatigue mats offer businesses a sensible solution that increases both employee moral and productivity. Animal Care facilities rely on employees to deliver services of exceptional quality. They also recognize that the human body is an intricately connected system. Employees (especially groomers, techs, and veterinarians) who stand for long hours may suffer from foot, leg, and lower back pain. Such pain increases fatigue and may reduce employee performance. Anti-Fatigue mats keep employee areas clean, dry, and comfortable throughout long business hours. Our collection of anti-fatigue floor mats include best-selling brands like Hog Heaven and Comfort Flow.

Pricing on Floor Mats does not include freight (which ships directly from point of manufacture) and will be estimated and provided once a proof is approved and the order is placed.

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Hog Heaven - Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
Price: $133.65
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Anderson Item #: 9951 -

    Hog Heaven Features and Benefits Nitrile rubber top surface has 20% recycled content Closed cell Nitrile rubber cushion is permanently molded (not glued) to the Nitrile rubber top surface Rubber borders will not crack or curl Chemical Resistant, Grease & Oil Proof Electrically conductive and certified slip resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute 5/8" thickness Borders are beveled Recommended for all types of Animal Care Facilities Click here to watch a video about Hog Heaven...

    Comfort Flow - Drainable Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat
    Price: $116.18
    Availability: In Stock
    Anderson Item #: 9952 -

      Comfort Flow Drainable Anti-Fatigue Features and Benefits High density closed cell Nitrile Rubber cushion has 15% recycled content. Chemical Resistant, Grease & Oil Proof Static dissipative Beveled edges for safe transition from mat to floor Lifetime anti-microbial treatment to prevent odors and degradation of the mat Comfort Flow has drainage holes to allow liquids to flow through. Borders are beveled Lightweight and flexible for easy handling and cleaning Certified slip resistant by the...