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    Color Safe Activated Oxygen Bleach Alternative

    OxzPet® is a color safe alternative to bleach for pet bedding, scrubs,surgical linens, towels, and other laundry items. Just add 1 packet per load. Begin filling washer with water (per manufacturers instructions for temperature). Add OxzPet before adding garments (for front loaded ad to tray). Hot water accelerates stain removal. Also destains fabrics, plastics, and many surfaces and eliminates odors! OxzPet is an "activated oxygen" bleaching agent designed to clean and remove soils, stains and odors in many different applications. It is safe for use on laundry, carpet and upholstery. Does not produce fabric damage caused by chlorine containing bleaches. OxzPet goes to work fast to dissolve tough stains caused by pet food, animal blood and other organic materials. Use it to clean and remove stains from plastic and china pet bowls and utinsels and stainless steel surfaces. OxzPet eliminates odors. Available oxygen attacks sulfides (rotten egg odor) commonly found in trash cans. For best results: Use the hottest water allowed by the manufacturer. Always dissolve powder completely before applying solution.

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