KennelSol® APS (Air Purification System)


General Description

KennelSol® APS odor control products safely and reliably release controlled amounts of chlorine dioxide (ClO2). Unlike fragrances, KennelSol® APS products actively destroy and absorb odors rather than just covering them up.

KennelSol APS Benefits

  • ClO2 is a powerful oxidizer ideally suited for use in Animal Care Facilities.
  • ClO2 does not react with ammonia to form chloramines, and it does not form toxic chlorinated organics like seen with chlorine use.
  • ClO2, at low dosing, will not harm common materials of construction.
  • ClO2 effectively destroys both nitrogen and sulfur based odor compounds associated with decaying flesh, feces, urine, garbage, smoke, musty areas, etc.

KennelSol APS Application Instructions

KennelSol® APS products are packaged in easy-to-use PODS containing equal parts of components A and B (no mixing required), and/or larger jars for better economy (mixing required). When using the larger jars, product is activated by pouring equal parts of component A and B into a breathable sachet or tub, securing the zip seal or top, and shaking to mix the components. The KennelSol® APS sachet or tub is then placed in the vicinity of your air return venting for your facility air-handler, or in the area closest to a problem odor source. Multiple treatment points should be considered in large facilities. Sachets and/or tubs may also be placed in the vicinity of the air exhaust venting for your facility air handler if this is more convenient, but you lose the added benefit of treating your air-handler when using the product in this manner. Note: different odor problems may demand more or less treatment, and users should expect that some adjustments to the dosing protocol may be required until the appropriate regiment for your facility is determined.

KennelSol® APS Maintenance products are used for long-term odor control or light odor demands. KennelSol® APS Shock products are used for quicker action on intense odors. Item # 4502 packaged 3/case (Shock PODS). Item # 4504 packaged 3/case (Maintenance PODS). Item # 4512 packaged (1 large Maintenance and 1 large Shock)/case.

KennelSol APS Product Activation and Use

KennelSol® APS products are sold in PODS or jars. The media can be easily applied by pouring the materials directly into the breathable polymer film sachet or tub by opening the sachet, or by unscrewing the top of the tub. The granular media is then added to the sachet or tub, the sachet or tub is sealed, shaken to mix, and put into application. For tub use, after shaking to mix material please be sure to remove the plastic seal covering the top when you activate product so gas can escape and go to work.

The sachets should always be placed with the paper (white) side exposed to the air being moved – facing your air-handler. KennelSol® APS will produce an initial mild bleach-like odor on activation. This odor will subside when the product is put into application. If not, the sachet or tub should be moved to a more effective location nearer the odor source or away from the user. In the event that moving the product doesn’t resolve the issue, the dosage should be reduced.


Product Type Product Weight Release Time (days) Maximum Air Volume Treatment (cubic feet)
KennelSol® APS Maintenance POD each - (single use application) 30 days 15,000
KennelSol® APS Maintenance (Jar)* 9 scoops/jar - (multi-use application) 30 days 90,000
KennelSol® APS Shock POD each - (single use application) 2 days 15,000

KennelSol® APS Shock (Jar)*

9 scoops/jar - (multi-use application) 2 days 90,000

Numbers presented in chart are guidelines for application. Actual dosing may vary with environmental conditions and facility design
* Jars = use approximately 1 scoop part A plus 1 scoop part B per 10,000 cubic feet of space being treated *

Handling, Storage and Stability

Keep product in tightly closed container when not in use. Do not abrade package on or across hard surfaces. Store in a cool (< 700 F), dry, well-ventilated area away from heat or open flame. KennelSol® APS in the original packaging and stored under the above mentioned conditions is stable for up to 24 months from the date of manufacture.

Safety and Health

DO NOT EAT. Product will produce a mild bleach like odor on activation. AVOID DIRECTLY INHALING FUMES. Inhalation of ClO2 gas may cause respiratory irritation. In case of eye contact, flush well with water. Avoid contact with skin. In case of skin contact wash affected area with soap and water. See MSDS sheet for more information.

Revision Date: March 17, 2014

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